The mission of Holistic Europe is to provide information and guidance to people about ways how to keep healthy, happy and how to treat our environment so that it is sustained for the generations to come.

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Are you one of those people who realise how important it is to take responsibility of your own wellbeing and how crucial it is to live in tune with our environment?

Join us in Prague on March 24 & 25, 2018 to meet amazing experts and talk to other people who, like you, strive for a better life (body, mind, spirit & environment).
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Holistic Europe Conference 2018 - Our speakers have a plethora of knowledge in their particular fields but they have one thing in common, a passion to serve other people and care for our beautiful planet. They will teach you about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, alternative healing techniques, the power of your mind and so much more.

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Dr. Henk Fransen

Dr. Henk Fransen

medical doctor

"All I’ve learned from my patients with cancer about the resilience of body, mind and spirit is in fact valuable for everybody. I would love to see one single type of medical science, namely the medical science that unites the best of all arts of healing for the benefit of the patient" - Dr. Henk Fransen

Dr. Raymond Hilu

Dr. Raymond Hilu

medical doctor

Author of scientific works such as "Oncological Hyperthermia as an adjuvant treatment in advanced stages of Lung Cancer" and co-author in many other publications.

Tsewang Norbu Vivek

Tsewang Norbu Vivek

Buddhist and meditation teacher

Vivek is a renowned teacher of Buddhism. He comes from Ladakh in northern India, which is also called Little Tibet.

Suzanne Poot

Suzanne Poot


Suzanne encourages people to take their health into their own hands as much as possible via food, lifestyle and mindset - to adapt and to experience the power of the human body and the wondrous power of plant-based (raw) food..

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Holistic Europe in 2018

Join our experts in health, nutrition, mind management, exercise, sustainable farming and many more exciting topics and have fun with like-minded people from around Europe.